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CERTIFICATE 4 Theory Competency Check 16 /10/17

Hi all
Your Theory Competency Check is tomorrow (16th October 2017)
We have ALL day together 🙂
So how about we do some revision for a while in the morning and then do the competency check after this? Some calculations perhaps?  And any other questions.

We will be all finished by 3.30 pm at the latest!

See you tomorrow.

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What we will do on Wednesday 15 August

Hi all DIPLOMA of Chemical Technology students

Please come prepared for an intense theory session tomorrow.  We will work our way through the Voltammetry chapter and make a start on the Fluorimetry chapter.  So make sure you bring ALL of your theory notes with you.

See you tomorrow 🙂




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Hello all Laboratory Diploma students,

Welcome back to Semester 2. We will be starting classes this Wednesday at 9:00 AM.

You can download the timetable by clicking here.

I will be talking to the class about the concept of ‘electives’ on the day. I look forward to seeing you all then.


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NOTE for CHEM TECH STUDENTS re competency check results

Hi Cert 4 group

The Practical and Written Competency Checks have been assessed. A little disappointing!

Competency was achieved by nearly all students in the Practical Competency task.  However  this was not the case in the Written Competency Task.  Performance was less than satisfactory in many areas and these will need to be reassessed as soon as possible.

Please contact me via email before Thursday 25 May and see what questions you will need to repeat.  I will give you copies of these questions again on Thursday and they will be due for submission and reassessment by Wednesday 31 May 2017.


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Hi all Cert 4 students

You will be having your first Competency checks on Friday 19 May from 12.30 – 4.30 pm.

You will be doing a Theory and a Practical Competency during this time.

You will have the whole 4 hours to complete both tasks but everyone should start the Practical competency FIRST.

For your Theory Competency check you may have a double-sided A4 cheat sheet.  Topics will be from chapters 1 – 3 of your theory notes and any other worksheets, pracs, etc  that relate to these chapters.

Your Practical Competency check will be an OPEN-BOOK exercise very like Practical exercise S5.  So bring  EVERYTHING you think you will need on the day with you. I will supply NOTHING if you forget to bring it !!!!

Please contact me before Friday if any of this is unclear to you.


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Meteorology Study Module units

Hi guys

Time is passing by very quickly.  Could you please submit some more of your Study Modules for the Meteorology unit?  They take time to do and they take time to mark so I think you should get busy.  You have lots of other units to complete!


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Some interesting websites!!



“In their element”




“The Infinite Monkey Cage”




from one of your colleagues.

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A Gentle reminder!!!!

Hi Cert 4 people

Don’t forget you have 3 items due for submission tomorrow!  These are:

  • Generic assign (A) for MSL974003 Perform Chemical Tests & Procedures
  • Calcs assignment No. 1 (B) for MSL974003 Perform Chemical Tests & Procedures
  • Tree counting exercise for MSL954001 Obtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan

See you tomorrow.




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Monday night lab cancelled.

Hi all,

If any of you are planning to attend tonight’s LAB SESSION, it has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

You will simply catch up on what you miss later.

Please note that other night classes are still running.

Please contact me on 4923 7345 if you have any questions.


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