Practical Project – Term 2 arrangements

A modification to the timetable tentatively mapped out in the last class: the dates for the exam and topic handout are changed.
Term 2 arrangements:
April 27 (unchanged) – no class, time used for Workplace Systems
May 4 – finish Project theory
May 11 – it was mentioned that this would be the topics handout session; this is no longer the case – there is no Project class, use of the time to be confirmed
May 18 – Exam*; time to be confirmed
May 25 – Topic handout session*; Instrument Maintenance exam to be held on this day; time for both to be confirmed
Remaining weeks – time used for Workplace Systems pracs and working on your Project Plan

* To be allowed to proceed to the practical part of the Project in Semester 2, you MUST make a satisfactory attempt at the exam. There will be NO exceptions or special cases.

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