Ourimbah Semester 1 Conclusion

Gday all down south! A few reminders for the remaining weeks of term:
1. Lab Practice final Practical and Theory Exams will be held as scheduled on the Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 June. Dont forget you must submit also the Lab Safety assignment and 2 full laboratory reports by the end of semester.
2. Data Processing final exam will also be on Tuesday 21 June – however those feeling confident with chapters 1, 2 and 4 of the notes can, if you wish sit this exam next Tuesday June 14.
Finally – 3. Those intending to complete the First Aid Certificate on Tuesday 28 June. You MUST have purchased the manual ($18) from the campus bookshop, AND completed the “prework” questions in the required chapters BEFORE you walk through the door, CS2.07. Course starts 8:30am and runs through to 4:30pm (with 30min lunch break).
Cheers and have a great long w/e, Dan

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