SIA electro Practical exam

Hi Cert 4 Chem Tech students

Please remember that you have your Practical Exam for Electroanalytical chemistry this Friday (16 September).  You will have 45 minutes to complete this exam.  Please make sure you arrive at your appointed time slot.  DON’T BE LATE or you will not have enough time. 

The Theory exam for this subject will be on September 23. 

Please note that these dates have been reversed from those originally given at the beginning of term 4 due to popular demand!

The exam is OPEN-BOOK so bring all notes, etc that you think you might need. 

The exam will be one of the 3 types of titrations you have been doing this term. You will have to determine an endpoint.

The timetable is:

11.30 – 12.15       Vesna, Sonya, Jana

12.20 – 1.05pm    Gina, Tim, Ben

1.10 – 1.55pm       Steph, Victoria, Nicholas

2.00 -2.45 pm     Anthony, Kieran, Tianna

Good luck!


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