Website problem

The software used to create this website has been compromised (hacked). It is one site of many on our US host server using the same software which has been affected.

The possible consequences for you as user is that your browser may be redirected from our site to a fake “pharmacy” site, and it could then attempt to install malware (a virus or similar) onto your computer. I have not seen this happen on numerous visits to any of our sites, so it may that we have been “lucky”. If this does happen to you, close the browser and any installation boxes immediately, and “kill” your internet connection.

However, it is certainly the case that the pages of program code that control the site have had extra “code” inserted into them, so Adam and I will have to do a fair bit of work to remove it from possibly hundreds of pages. There will possibly be some downtime while we fix the problem, and at worst case, it may mean deleting the entire site and starting from scratch. Hopefully, it won’t come to this.

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