Instrument Maintenance Written “Exam”

Just to confirm arrangements for the IM exam next week (August 28). It will be a take-home assignment exam, which MUST be submitted by 2 pm on Tuesday September 4. It can be provided (and submitted) electronically. Anyone who wishes the exam to be supplied as a Word document MUST email me with a request. I will attach the exam to my reply. This will ensure that there is no mistake with email addresses.

I have uploaded answers to all class exercises (here) and having changed my mind since yesterday, some extra practice circuit calculation questions (here). I have also made sure that the most up-to-date version of the each of the chapters are available from the Theory Notes page.

EXTRA – Anyone who wasn’t at today’s class (August 28) needs to either email me to request an electronic copy of the exam by tomorrow lunchtime, or see me tomorrow in Project to get a printout. If not, it will be Friday before I’m back at my desk and able to send you a copy.

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