Chem & Enviro Diploma reminders

A few things that you might need reminding of, as we head rapidly towards the end of the year:

1. Instrument Maintenance (Chem & Enviro): this Tuesday (16th) is the first session where you are required to swap your SOPs with others. if you do not have your SOP ready, you WILL NOT be allowed to participate.

2. Practical Project (Chem & Enviro): there are only TWO more practical sessions available. There are a few people who have missed the last couple of sessions – you know who you are! You are running the risk of not having attended sufficient sessions to pass the subject, and you must attend the final two.

3. Adv Inst Techs (Chem): the revised Term 4 prac timetable is now online via the subject homepage.

4. Sci Info Skills (Chem & Enviro): Remember that from first semester – not many people from the Chem Group have submitted the minimum of 5 assignments that are required to pass the subject.

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