Instrument maintenance

Next Tuesday afternoon is the final session to complete your SOP swaps.

Once you have completed the work, you need to assemble the paperwork for submission. To see what you need, read on …

Your documentation must contain the following:
1. the final version of the Standard Operating Procedure you have written for your assigned instrument
2. an Appendix with the revisions and suggested changes
3. the Performance Qualification test you wrote for your instrument (written in SOP format)
4. results of the PQ tests done on your instrument by you and others in the class
5. completed Instrument Log documents for your instrument (usage, faults etc)
6. a signoff sheet to be completed by each instrument “owner” to indicate that you have used their SOP/PQ and completed the paperwork
7. Maintenance assignment (see Chapter 3)

This portfolio must be submitted fully to allow completion of the subject.

Final date for submission is Monday, December 3

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