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Chem Diploma – Wednesday

Due to a family commitment, and no one available to cover Project & Product Testing, those classes will not run this coming Wednesday (September 4). No class time will be lost – the schedule for each will simply be pushed … Continue reading

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Product Testing prac

For those of you scheduled to do prac PT03 this Wednesday, it is now available here. You might want to revise your titration calculations!

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Chemical Processing – Chapter 3 worksheet

Download the worksheet here. The links you need for Exercises 3.5 & 3.6 are provided on the Theory Notes page for the subject, and are also here. Exercise 3.5 Exercise 3.6 Due date: Week ending September 20

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Revised Adv Instrument Techniques timetable

Access to the file system on our server is down at the moment, so I can’t update the link from the Timetable button on the subject’s page. So here is the updated version linked here. And no, I don’t know … Continue reading

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Toronto week

It’s the next field trip this week, and preparation as usual on Tuesday afternoon in E1.8 at 130.

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Chemical Processing – Chapter 2 Worksheet

Download the Worksheet here. Due date: the week ending August 30

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AIT 18 results

Anyone who has done this prac so far will have incorrect results for Part C Step 3.6 (Mg 10 mg/L, different lines & powers) because the method conditions had been “tampered” with at some stage in the past. Here are … Continue reading

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