CFFET Information Session & 2nd year Diploma

The Information Session being held tomorrow Wednesday 22 at 1 pm at Newcastle is principally for those people who are starting a course with us for the first time.

For those people who completed (or almost completed) a Cert 4 last year, and are intending to do the Diploma, it is not necessary for you to attend tomorrow.

I will be posting information about how the Diploma will run in the next few days, but I can confirm that the timetable is different to past years. Tuesday is extended, and is essentially lab work only, and Wednesday is a half day of theory and tutorial only. There are no classes on Fridays.

There will be an increased emphasis on assignments and self-paced learning this year.

we are encouraging everyone who wishes to do the Diploma to enrol in the general Lab Operations Diploma – course number 19414 – rather than in 19417 Chem & Forensic. The general Diploma still contains the same units, but has greater flexibility in terms of choices.

The Forensic option will only occur if the great majority of people want it, but there may be some possible options for assignment-based work.

For further information, please email me –

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