Lab Practice – what to do if you miss a lab session

Hi Cert IV Lab Techs students

The semester is going well.  We are up to week 3 – not too many absences yet!  This is very good to see.

It is much better for all of us if you attend all of your lab sessions in their designated time slots. (Tues AM, Tues PM and Fri PM). Please try to do this.

However I am aware that sometimes things happen that occasionally prevent this.

If you do have to miss a class through some misadventure then please email or ring and let me know.  ( or 49 237 500)

You can attend a catch-up session on the next Wednesday after your absence at 10.00 am in E1.8 with Denise Hatton.

In your email tell me which practical exercise you will need to catch up on and I will forward this information to the technical staff who will prepare the lab session for you.

The best strategy of course, is NOT TO MISS ANY SESSIONS at all but things happen sometimes!

It is important to catch up if you want to gain all the skills that will make you “workplace ready”.


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