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Industrial Products (Testing): New timetable

The revised timetable for the combined classes is here.

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Adv Spect – Chapter answer to Q7

Somehow this got left off the Answers file, so here it is. Masses added: 100 uL is 0.1 mL, so 0.1 mL of 1000 mg/L is 0.1 mg. The others are then 0.2 and 0.4 mg. Slope of graph is … Continue reading

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FlexiLab 28 April 2014

The FlexiLab session 28 April has a change of timetable. Students will complete the titration practical “Determination of hydrogen carbonate in baking powder” and not the GC and HPLC practicals as previously scheduled. For students not requiring the titration practicals … Continue reading

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Adv Spectro Practical Test

Some more details and confirmation of arrangements for you – download the information sheet here.

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Online tutorial

Those people who missed the first online tutorial can use the following link to access the new one. It starts at 7:30, but you can login in earlier Login as a guest and then say hello. I have my … Continue reading

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Adv. Spectroscopy Practical Test – change to arrangements

Instead of trying to accommodate the large number of students in the Tuesday morning May 6 session plus sometime else, Lara and I have come up with a different, slightly less formal arrangement. The first two Tuesday morning sessions of … Continue reading

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GC training

Joel in 2nd year is interested in doing some training with one of the major gas chromatograph manufacturers, Shimadzu. The downside is that they charge $3000 for the training course, but that provides places for 3 people. Joel is hoping … Continue reading

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Chem Diploma (2nd year) assignment submission

Just to clarify when certain work is due. The following items are described as being due in Term 1 – I am happy to take this as meaning first week back in term 2. – Adv Spectroscopy assignment – Sci … Continue reading

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Chem Diploma 2nd year – Wednesday theory class

No, it’s not cancelled – bad luck! Just wanted to let you know that I will be only covering Gas Chromatography (Ch. 6 – Adv. Chrom) and Food Testing (Ch. 5 Industrial Products). It would help you if you had … Continue reading

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Adv Spect/Chrom

I have posted the theory notes for Chapter 6 (Gas Chromatography) which we will be starting in theory next Wednesday. I recommend that you look back at the introductory chapters from last year. I have also posted (on the Theory … Continue reading

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