Adv. Spectroscopy Practical Test – change to arrangements

Instead of trying to accommodate the large number of students in the Tuesday morning May 6 session plus sometime else, Lara and I have come up with a different, slightly less formal arrangement.

The first two Tuesday morning sessions of Term 2 – April 29 and May 6 – will be allocated to the Practical Test, which comprises two practical components – AAS and UV/VIS – and a calculation task.

9-11 on the first morning will be assigned to free practice on the instruments and can be done in groups. From 11-1 on that day and 9-1 on May 6, you may attempt the practical test tasks. The main time constraint is on the AAS because we only have one; all 3 scanning UV/VIS instruments will be used (assuming they are working). Where there is a queue to do the AAS task, a roster will be drawn up and times (20 minutes) will be allocated.

The calculation task can be done at any time (e.g. while you are waiting) in the classroom.

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