Chem Diploma – What we did today

Adv Spectroscopy
– completed the standard addition chapter
– finalised arrangements for the April 30 theory exam: it will use the whole 9.30-1 morning session (that doesn’t mean that it will take 3½ hours; just that no other work will be covered; it covers Chapters 1-5 and is RESTRICTED Open Book, which means you may bring in two double-sided A4 sheets which can have whatever you like on them; you will need a calculator
– we will begin theory for chromatography next week; Chapter 6 (GC) will be available to download by the weekend
– I will make available all my Powerpoints which provide the answers to Exercises and the start-of-chapter revision questions; they will be downloadable from the Theory Notes page

Result Validation – did a couple more recovery check calculations; answers to all will be available soon(ish)

Sci Info Skills – went through the good graphs (Exercise 3.11)

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