More info. for Cert 4 Chem Tech

Hi again Cert 4

This is what you need print out from CFFET website (, or purchase from the TAFE bookshop, for Term 3 Week 1, (Start date 14 July 2014):

Lab Computing Monday 11 – 1 pm

• “Be Competent in Creating and Using Spreadsheets” for Microsoft Excel 2010 by the Tilde Group – available from the bookshop.

• A flash drive
Titrations Tuesday 10.30 – 1.30 pm

• Ch. 2 Theory – Titrations
• Ch. 3 Theory – Acid-Base titrations
• Prac N1
Intro Spec/Chrom Friday 12 – 4 pm

• Ch. 6 Theory What is Chromatography?
• Ch 7 Theory Instrumental Chromatography
• Prac C1 Analysis of alcohol by GLC
• Prac C3 Analysis of nitrate by HPLC
• Prac S1 Introduction to Spectroscopy

* In case you don’t know, this is how to find stuff on the CFFET website:

Go to:
‘subject resources’ tab
‘Chem Cert 4’ tab
‘Adv Lab Prac’ tab (this is for the titrations subject, it will be SIA(Spectro/Chrom) for Intro Spec/Chrom))
then open up relevant item.


I closely read all phrases and examples used in college homework book and wrote them in the exam too

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