AIT exam – September 10

Covers Ch 1-4 (voltammetry, fluorescence, non-flame AAS, GC)

Usual conditions – 2 double-sided A4 sheets.

Because there is no Practical Test for this subject, some aspects of using the instruments will covered in the exam. Examples include:
– use of purging/electrolytes (voltammetry)
– selection of filters, 1:1 dilution (fluorescence)
– startup processes (electrothermal AAS)

The only calculation will be the characteristic mass performance check for electrothermal AAS.

Chapters 2-4 have revision questions (and answers) at the end. Here are some for Chapter 1. I strongly recommend you look at them – how that’s for a hint!

My Powerpoints for each of the chapters will be available soon.

10 am start. There will be no other classes (including Forensic) on the day.

Sarah, Joel & Paulina – please see/contact me about when you are able to do the exam.

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