Returning students undertaking 6 month Diploma completion

This is aimed at those students who were enrolled last year in the Lab Diploma or Cert 4 and who wish to complete the Diploma this year.

You will attend Mondays and Tuesdays 9-5(ish) for one semester (the detailed timetable will be handed out on the day). This will allow you to get your Diploma by mid-year, assuming everything is completed satisfactorily. This includes any units left over from last year. If you are in this situation where you didn’t complete one or more units last year, it is your responsibility to contact the Course Coordinator, David Barker, to work out what you need to do to finish requirements for those units.

Your first day is Monday February 2, and for this day only, the start time is 10 am. The room is E1.5A, which is the small classroom off the instrument lab (or simply come to our office).

This session will not involve any classwork, but it is absolutely essential that you attend, so that so we can deal with all necessary administrative details, including enrolments, inductions, timetables and a decision on which elective (Industrial Products or Forensic) is done. This will be by a majority vote. Unfortunately, we cannot offer both options.

Classwork will begin on Tuesday 3rd, but lab work will not begin until the following Monday (9th).

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