Diploma (Chem) – continuing group

Just to confirm a few things about the end of semester, and what must be submitted, and what can wait.

Must be submitted by Monday June 22
– prac reports for Lara’s subjects
– assignment for Forensics (if you wish to gain a credit or distinction; not required to simply pass subject)
– spreadsheet of results and graph for balance (Instrument Maintenance P1 – must be submitted to pass subject)

If these are not submitted, then results will be entered accordingly, which will lead to fails in the lab subjects (not forensic).

The following assignments can be submitted in Term 3, but NOT TERM 4:
– Sustainability (lighting, resource use)
– Workplace systems (2 of chemical ordering, choice of instruments, analysis report)
– Sci Info Skills (at least 3)

Results for these units will be entered at the end of Term 3. No submissions will be accepted, and fails recorded if necessary.

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