New round of Practical exercises starting Wednesday 11 May

Hi guys

Please make sure you have the practical exercise that you need for Wednesday printed out. I won’t have time to print anything out for you on Wednesday.

The plan is to have a quick introductory talk about each of the pracs and then go into the lab and get right into them.  There are 5 pracs and they cover 4 different techniques.  I can’t possibly do theory for 4 techniques in one hour of theory.  Therefore you should start reading ahead for yourself.  We will cover ALL of the relevant theory over the next 3-4 weeks.  It will work much better if you are do a bit of pre-study for yourself.

Chapter 4 is Infra red – Prac S7

Chapter 5 is all about flame and plasma techniques.  These are all found in Chapter 5.

S8, S9 – AAS

S10 – FES

S11 – ICP

We can do this!!!!!!!!

See you on Wednesday.


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