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Lab tours

Hello Enviro analysis students! Tomorrow is our big kids trip to commercial laboratories which forms part of your formal assessment. I need to remind you all that the rules that apply to our labs also apply to commercial labs, so … Continue reading

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Field work Tuesday & Thursday

Hello all field work students; This is both a reminder and a warning about Toronto fieldwork preparation on Tuesday and the field work on Thursday. Attendance is compulsory at both sessions, only a medical certificate will be accepted for non … Continue reading

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Enviro ‘mental’ analysis…

The timetable I handed out in class was catastrophically wrong, in reverse actually…so I have posted the new one on the website (click the ‘Timetable’ button on the Enviro Analysis homepage) or click here to download it. We will be … Continue reading

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One for the Chem Diploma students…

I will be replacing David for your¬†Wednesday¬†morning classes of Prac Project and SIS. I have booked S1.22 as a computer room (assuming we will fit) from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm for both subjects. This will be so for the … Continue reading

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Beer’s law

Nice work fella’s.

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Species ID & Ecology Field Trip

Well done to the eco/ID class on their field trip today. After extensive sampling of two wetlands and bushland including the Dudley Bluff heath and slopes of the Redhead Lagoon, we came to two obvious conclusions; Small ants don’t like … Continue reading

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Meteorology pages are up & running

If you want to prepare for the meteorology unit, the pages are up with notes and assessment information (except the proposed timetable, which I may or may not do depending on the weather!). I would expect students to have printed … Continue reading

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