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Excursion is ON

The sun is shining. You should be making your way to TAFE with all your paperwork and Wet Weather Gear. See you at 8:30  

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Field Day

Today would be a good day to check you have adequate wet weather gear. There is a 90% chance of rain tomorrow, but no storms predicted, so…… Field day will be on. 🙂 See you at 8:30 Denise

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Field Day

The 1st Field day will be held Wednesday 1 March 2017. All students studying Environmental Technology as well as those studying Laboratory Skills/Techniques are required to attend. It is a compulsory activity. (Note: this does not apply to students undertaking part-time study unless … Continue reading

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Toronto Fieldwork

The last opportunity for students to complete the requirements for the environmental units for Cert 4 and Diploma courses is Thursday 16 October. Students who did not attend the previous fieldwork session must attend on the 16 October for completion of … Continue reading

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Environmental sustainability

Students enrolled in Cert 4 Lab Techs or 1st year Chem Diploma are reminded that the next session for the Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices will run at 10:00 Monday 5 May 2014

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FlexiLab 28 April 2014

The FlexiLab session 28 April has a change of timetable. Students will complete the titration practical “Determination of hydrogen carbonate in baking powder” and not the GC and HPLC practicals as previously scheduled. For students not requiring the titration practicals … Continue reading

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Change of times

Environmental 1/2 Wednesday class Classes this Wednesday, 2 April will be in reverse order. 9:00 til 12:30 with Dan Solomon in E1.5A for Earth Sciences 13:00-17:30 with Denise Hatton in E1.5A/E1.7 for Lab Practice

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It is great to see students taking advantage of the flex-lab class on either a Monday evening or Wednesday morning. It is important though that our lab staff are aware of your attendance. To ensure all needs are met in … Continue reading

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Fieldwork Units

Students completing the units Assist with Fieldwork &/or Undertake Environmental field-based monitoring are reminded that the paperwork for completion is due.  

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Employment Opportunity

We have had an enquiry regarding a laboratory position for a student completing their laboratory qualification this year. The position is for 3 days per week from December 2013 for 6-12 months. It is located in  the lower Hunter Valley … Continue reading

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