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Monday 20th April Advanced Spec Prac Exam

Please click the link below for info about upcoming Adv Spec Prac exam on Monday 20th April: PT info 2015 students Please note you will also need to complete your lighting audit for Sustainability Unit in this morning session (all except Jaime) … Continue reading

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Updated Prac timetable for AIT

AIT prac timetable has been updated – please make sure you are using the most recent version (180315). This can be downloaded from the AIT subject page.

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Enviro Sustainability Workbook link to Footprint Calculator

The link in the Cert 4 Enviro Sustainability workbook for the footprint calculator is generating an error message as the webpage has been shutdown. Please use one of the following links instead:  

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ASC Chrom Prac Exam Info

The Advanced Chromatography Practical Test on Tuesday 10th June consists of two tasks: Using GC – injections, identify analyte peak in chromatogram of sample; measure peak heights and flow rate CALCS – obtain a concentration result from a set of chromatograms … Continue reading

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ASC exam roster Tuesday 10th June

Please download ASC Prac Exam roster here  

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ASC lab report reminder

Just a reminder that there are five compulsory lab reports due for Spectroscopy and two for Chromatography. These are supposed to be submitted within 2 weeks of completing the practical session in the lab. So far only TWO students have handed in all five … Continue reading

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Adv Spec Chrom Exams

Please note that there are new dates scheduled for the Chrom Theory Exam and ASC Prac Exam – see timetable page

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Cert 4 Lab Tech CONS revised class schedule

The class schedule for CONS semester 1 has been updated (link). Please note – The first Chem 2 exam will now be held Monday 20th June at 9am (on chapters 1,5,6,7,8,10).

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Advanced Spec Chrom Theory Exam Results

All diploma students who sat the ASC theory exam on Friday 6th May passed 🙂  Well done!

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Chem Diploma – Advanced Spec Chrom Theory Exam

ASC Theory exam will be held on Friday 6th May at 10am in room E2.8 for both Chem and Forensic groups – no prac sessions or theory class that day for ASC. CSI and CIP will run Friday afternoon starting at 1.30pm.

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