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Monday 20th April Advanced Spec Prac Exam

Please click the link below for info about upcoming Adv Spec Prac exam on Monday 20th April: PT info 2015 students Please note you will also need to complete your lighting audit for Sustainability Unit in this morning session (all except Jaime) … Continue reading

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ASC Chrom Prac Exam Info

The Advanced Chromatography Practical Test on Tuesday 10th June consists of two tasks: Using GC – injections, identify analyte peak in chromatogram of sample; measure peak heights and flow rate CALCS – obtain a concentration result from a set of chromatograms … Continue reading

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ASC exam roster Tuesday 10th June

Please download ASC Prac Exam roster here  

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CSI written exam

The first exam for the CSI class (Chem Diploma Year 2) is on Friday afternoon at 1.30.

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AIT exam

Just a reminder that the Advanced Instrumental Techs theory exam 2 is on Tuesday 13th starting at 10.30. It covers Chapters 6 (non-flame AAS), 7 (X-ray spectroscopy) & 8 (emission spectroscopy).

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Laboratory Practice Practical Exam 2

The Lab Practice Practical exam is scheduled for Wednesday 8 June. It will commence at 13:00 is open book and concentrates on titration, physical constant testing and distillations. Any resits are scheduled for Thursday 9 June after the field trip

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ASC Prac Test info

Information about content and times for the June 17 Practical exam for Adv Spect/Chrom (especially for those not present today).

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AIT exam

Confirmation of arrangements for the exam next Tuesday:

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Chemistry I exam for Pathology class

The Chemistry Theory Exam for students studying  the Diploma in Pathology Techniques will take place on Tuesday 21 June 2011 at 11.30 am. For more detail please see the exam note that I gave you in class. Lara will be … Continue reading

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Exam notification for Cert IV Lab Techs Lab Practice (Newcastle)

The Laboratory Practice exam dates for students studying Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques are as follows:

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