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1. Tutti gli accordi oppure documenti relativi o evidenzianti prestiti (diversi dai debiti dovuti nel corso ordinario) ancora oggi Società oppure di qualsiasi Controllata, sia garantiti il quale non garantiti, inclusi contratti di credito, altri contratti e strumenti di dovuto … Continue reading

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Hello world

Welcome to wiki This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Opt for Data Room Services for online business gatherings

On the exact basis regarding difficult guidelines along with methodologies, councils want a method of preparation to get meetings which allows them to be able to check hypersensitive paperwork upfront inside a easy and reliable manner. The very recordings of … Continue reading

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Top Free Antivirus Secrets

How to Choose Free Antivirus AVG antivirus security software is usually yet a superb choice with the coverage of your PC. Avg antivirus security software is usually no cost with respect to exclusive make use of as well as for … Continue reading

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UPDATED!!!!!!! Hello all Laboratory Diploma students, Welcome back to Semester 2. We will be starting classes this Wednesday at 9:00 AM. You can download the timetable by clicking here. I will be talking to the class about the concept of … Continue reading

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Monday night lab cancelled.

Hi all, If any of you are planning to attend tonight’s LAB SESSION, it has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. You will simply catch up on what you miss later. Please note that other night classes are still running. … Continue reading

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Note for Cert 4 Chem Tech students

Hi all One of your colleagues has uncovered a typographical error in the MSL974003 assignment I gave you last Thursday. Here is the correction: Question 5b) should read:    FeS + HCl  →  FeCl2  +  H2S Sorry 🙂 Ann

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Excursion is ON

The sun is shining. You should be making your way to TAFE with all your paperwork and Wet Weather Gear. See you at 8:30  

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Field Day

Today would be a good day to check you have adequate wet weather gear. There is a 90% chance of rain tomorrow, but no storms predicted, so…… Field day will be on. 🙂 See you at 8:30 Denise

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Field Day

The 1st Field day will be held Wednesday 1 March 2017. All students studying Environmental Technology as well as those studying Laboratory Skills/Techniques are required to attend. It is a compulsory activity. (Note: this does not apply to students undertaking part-time study unless … Continue reading

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