This is the home page for the delivery of our online course;

  • Diploma of Environmental Monitoring & Technology

National Code: MSS50211, TAFE NSW Code: 20098

  • CFFETHunter TAFE, Building E, Rm E1.8. Click to see our other courses.
  • Environmental TechnologyOur graduates monitor pollution in the environment for regulatory compliance
  • Study sustainabilityA reminder of what we are trying to protect!
  • Enrol now!Go to the FAQ page to find out how to enrol
  • InstrumentationStudy using a variety of benchtop and field instrumentation
  • Catchment ecologyStudy the ecology of catchments, from estuary to mountain
  • Data analysisStudy a wide range of computing and data analysis techniques
  • AssessmentHunter TAFE follows the ASQA assessment very thoroughly
  • FieldworkLearn how to perform a wide variety of fieldwork techniques
  • LandformsStudy basic chemistry, geology and landforms and apply this to the environment
  • NavigationLearn mapping, compass and GPS techniques
  • AppointmentsMake appointments with teachers online through this website
  • Laboratory techniquesWe have 10 labs to learn and apply a wide range of chemical lab skills
  • MeteorologyLearn meteorology and its application to compliance monitoring
CFFET1 Environmental Technology2 Study sustainability3 Enrol now!4 Instrumentation5 Catchment ecology6 Data analysis7 Assessment8 Fieldwork9 Landforms10 Navigation11 Appointments12 Laboratory techniques13 Meteorology14
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Monday night meteorology

Hi all,

Assuming you will be there tomorrow night…We finally have two met stations working perfectly!

For those Monday nighter’s doing the meteorology unit, please note that I can start taking you through the practical part as of tomorrow night [assuming Denise will let me]  by starting with the Standard and SOP development. Once I show you the basics, you’ll be able to play with it yourselves each week before any final assessment (which you can do when you’re ready – no timetable as such).

You don’t need to have anything or have anything ready, and I’ll have a chat with the class tomorrow to bring you up to speed on it.

See you then.

Thursday morning class…

Hi all, for those of you studying Environmental Management on Thursday morning, we will be in S2.25 and the Monday night class will be in S1.28 (check with Alex which week he is actually starting it in) for the next 4 weeks until the assignment is over.

See you there!

Well bloody done!!!

So, I leave the class with a challenge…set up a met station out of the box. It was a bit of a deep end challenge, agreed, but I must say I was bloody impressed with the outcome of the team work.

Very well done to all involved (now you need to set up the computer side!!)

Wednesday nights!

Hi all,

As mentioned to our Monday-nighters, we will be starting the theory for a variety of subjects on Wednesday nights.

This Wednesday (i.e. tonight) I thought would be a good opportunity to let people test the Adobe Connect system, so, feel free to login at around 7pm tonight and test your systems so that we can get started next Wednesday night. You can do this without a headset microphone, but it is much better with one (and you can get them cheap at supermarkets etc).

Access is via the ‘Online class’ link from the ‘Communications’ menu.

Happy to run a tutorial if you have any questions about any subject.


Monday night!

Hello enviro’s,

Just a quick reminder that we are attending Monday night from 5ish to start the training for the year.

You will need lab coat, glasses, etc. Other than that, just turn up and I’ll guide you through the rest of it.

See you then.

More Produce Site Maps modules

Just what you all need…more work!

I have uploaded two new study modules (2 & 3). Mainly for the campus students, so check your study plan before you crack on with these!

Actually though, considering how fast GIS applications are gaining in the workplace, you may want to look at them just for experience.

Anyway, enjoy or ignore.

New unit added

Hi all,

The unit titled Produce Site Maps has been added to the Diploma menu.

Usual story…it’s not 100% but the SAG, Checklist and Study module 1 are ready to go.

This is really only for campus students, unless you can do it in the workplace.

Anyway, enjoy!


Hello everyone,

For those of you not from the Hunter (or Sydney), we have had somewhat of a storm.

Other than no electricity, no landline, no internet, no mobile (thanks Vodafail) and no campus to go to, life is good!

I’m on campus now (to get internet) so if you need to talk, give me a call on 4923 7345.

Other than that, classes should resume as normal next week.

I hope the rest of you survived and have no significant drama’s to contend with.

See you next week!

A great volunteering link

Hello all,

One of the student cohort has provided me with a link to a volunteer event list at the Jenolan Caves area.

This work came highly recommended so might be worth checking out if you are interested in getting something on a CV.

Click here to view the page on Facebook.


Welcome to 2015…

Welcome to all newcomers! Welcome back to everyone else!

Apparently, this is the year of change.

  • The course is now delivered in one year (but you can take as long as you want because of the next point)
  • You only pay for ‘courses’ now, no more ‘annual’ fees
  • The fees have gone up, but don’t pay too much before we ‘pro-rata’ you for previous units (tell me if you have already!!)
  • College students have three ‘Trimesters’, but on-line students still have two ‘Semesters’ (although they don’t care really, they’re just ‘on’ all year!)

And the list goes on…

Online delivery will be on Wednesday (new students) and Thursday nights (returning students), from 7-9 pm.

Anyway, this week I want everyone to prepare their study plans so they know what they are doing, and when they are going to finish. I have several students at several different stages doing several different units, so delivery will be a challenge on-line, but we shall prevail and get you qualified by the end of something (hopefully not the end of TAFE!!). So in short, returning students need to to me they want teach online this semester.

I will be on-line tonight to answer any questions or queries you may have.

I look forward to working with all of you very soon.



Last groundwater study module

Hi all,

I just posted the last Study module for groundwater (SM 4). This should be very easy for those of you who have done the fieldwork.

Ignore the practical exercises and major fieldwork assessment (as most of you have done these and there is nothing to hand in!)

Other than that, enjoy!

Air pollution study module

Hi all,

The last module for air poll is up, so download, complete the questions and submit for marking.

It is called APM SM 2.

Please note that there is a few other docs coming in both air poll and groundwater. There is also a spreadsheet and some data coming your way for the air poll pracs (I have spoilt you and done the calcs for you!!)


Groundwater and noise


Groundwater practical is this coming Thursday (20th Nov).

If you don’t attend, you cannot get the groundwater unit.

I need you at campus by 9:00 am so that you can do your checklists and pack the equipment. You are welcome to drive your self if you need to leave pronto after, otherwise Geoff and I will be driving our own cars. I do not know how long it will take, but I suspect to finish around 2, but it could be earlier or later.

The noise practical on the other hand will not be on THIS Friday as some bloody energy conference has stolen all my students. As a result of this ‘theft’ noise will need to be on Friday 28th November.

So there.

Noise catch-up

Hello again,

I know that three of you have some noise material to finish, so I was thinking of the next two Friday mornings to complete this work (which is easy and fun by the way), so could the three people in question please advise if they are available on those mornings.


Groundwater resources


As promised (to someone!?) I have added to more study modules to the groundwater page.

If needed, I am happy to go over these with you online this Thursday night after we finish EIA (which wont take long)

More groundwater resources soon!


Lab tour

Hello all,

This applies to ALL students in ALL CFFET courses

A tour of local laboratories is in the planning process and you are all invited! The purpose of the tour is to show you what a real lab looks like and to give you exposure to the real world. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and network with people from the industry.

Assuming the last lab gets on-board, the following details are planned;

  • Thursday 27th November
  • 9:00 – 10:30        –              Hunter Water
  • 11:00 – 13:00      –              SGS and ALS
  • 11:00 – 13:00      –              ALS and SGS

Note that we will need to split the group if it is larger than 10 people for the last two labs as ALS will only allow small groups for short times.

Transportation will be provided by bus from campus on the morning, but you are welcome to drive yourself or carpool others if you want to arrive or leave at different times, or only see certain labs etc.

Please let Ann Jennar or Adam Samuelson know of your intention to participate so that I can finalise arrangements by Wednesday 19th November.