Using the site

The intention is to build the site into a one-stop shop for everything you need for the course, including class notes, general information about the courses, contact details for staff, job opportunities and from the home page, reminders and messages about important events.

The site is still being developed, so please be patient if not everything is available straight away. If you find a problem, please email David Barker

Class notes

The main use that you will have for this website is to obtain class notes. This is done via the Subject Resources menu, which has the subjects organised by course. Since some subjects occur in different courses (eg Lab. Practice) make sure that you are on the correct page before downloading anything.

Files will be almost exclusively in PDF format, so you will need Acrobat Reader installed on the computer you use to view & print the files. This is available free from the Adobe website.

It is recommended that you do not download & print everything for your subjects straight away. Changes occasionally do get made to available material. You will be notified if this occurs via a post (message) that will appear on the home page.

It is your responsibility to have the notes, practical exercises and other materials available from this site. Your teacher will not print them for you.

Home page messages

Your teachers will post messages about upcoming subject events, such as exams, and other important information, and these messages will appear on the home page. Over time, they will be pushed down the home page and then will disappear from it. However, they still exist and on the right hand side of the screen on most pages, you will find a link to all posts for your course.

The calendar

On the menu bar is a Calendar link. It is another way that we will make sure that you have no excuse for not knowing that an exam is coming up :-)!

General Info

Here you will find this page, but also contact details for staff, information about and maps of our two locations, and other information that we think is useful for you to know.

Course info

This is rather undeveloped at this stage, but is intended more for intending students, rather than ones already enrolled. It will provide outlines on all the courses we offer.

Other stuff

Perhaps the most useful link here will be to job-related matters: advertisements and notices we have seen or have had sent to us by employers,as well as a list of potential employers in the region. Job ads will also appear on the home page.
Other miscellaneous items will find their way onto this menu as well.

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