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from one of your colleagues.

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A Gentle reminder!!!!

Hi Cert 4 people

Don’t forget you have 3 items due for submission tomorrow!  These are:

  • Generic assign (A) for MSL974003 Perform Chemical Tests & Procedures
  • Calcs assignment No. 1 (B) for MSL974003 Perform Chemical Tests & Procedures
  • Tree counting exercise for MSL954001 Obtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan

See you tomorrow.




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Monday night lab cancelled.

Hi all,

If any of you are planning to attend tonight’s LAB SESSION, it has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

You will simply catch up on what you miss later.

Please note that other night classes are still running.

Please contact me on 4923 7345 if you have any questions.


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S3 and S4 practical exercises for Cert 4 Chem Tech group

Hi again

Don’t print out S3 and S4 Practical exercises for this week.

I will gave you copies of these as I have made some subtle changes.  You should still have a read of what is involved in these pracs so you have your SDS stuff done and a bit of an understanding of what you have to do on Thursday.  The changes are minor.



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Note for Cert 4 Chem Tech students

Hi all

One of your colleagues has uncovered a typographical error in the MSL974003 assignment I gave you last Thursday.

Here is the correction:

Question 5b) should read:    FeS + HCl  →  FeCl2  +  H2S

Sorry 🙂


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CERT 4 Practical Exercises for Week 10

Hi Cert 4 people

We will be beginning Practical exercises for S1 and S2 on 6 April.

Please do not download and print these out.  I will issue you copies of these 2 exercises as they are a little bit different to the ones you will find on the website.  I will give you copies of these on Thursday 30 March.



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Ann’s class Thursday morning 9 – 1pm – change of time

Hi all

Welcome to Cert 4.  Your Spectroscopy and Chromatography class will be running from 9 – 1 pm for the next 10 weeks BUT for this week and THIS WEEK ONLY could you please come at 11 am?  There will be NO PRACTICAL CLASS this week. We will  do 2 hours of introduction and theory.

Also, for just this week please come to 1.5A.

See you then 🙂



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March 2017

Units to be assessed include:

MSL972001         Conduct  routine site measurements

MSL933004         Perform calibration checks on equipment and assist with maintenance

MSL912001         Work within a field/lab workplace

MSL953001         Receive and prepare samples for testing

MSL933001         Maintain lab/field workplace fit for purpose

MSL913002         Plan and conduct lab/field work

MSL973001         Perform basic tests

MSL973002         Prepare working solutions

Theory Exam  Wednesday 22 March 9 – 1 pm

You may bring a double-sided A4 ‘cheat sheet’ into this exam.

Topics to study for these competency checks include anything that you have done in the last 7 weeks.  Please see the Practical/class schedule you were given in Term 1 Week 1 as a guide for what these were and what you should study.

Competency Checks  Thursday 23 March 9 – 1 pm & Thursday 1.30 – 4.30 pm

This is an ‘open-book’ assessment.  This means you can bring anything you have used in the laboratory practical sessions during the last 7 weeks into the laboratory.

There will be NINE (9) tasks.  You can do them in any order you choose.  You just need to get them done them all done.  You have more than enough time!

You will have done ALL of these tasks BEFORE.

Ann, Judy and Lara


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Excursion is ON

The sun is shining.

You should be making your way to TAFE with all your paperwork and Wet Weather Gear.

See you at 8:30


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Field Day

Today would be a good day to check you have adequate wet weather gear.

There is a 90% chance of rain tomorrow, but no storms predicted, so……

Field day will be on. 🙂

See you at 8:30


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