Field Day

Today would be a good day to check you have adequate wet weather gear.

There is a 90% chance of rain tomorrow, but no storms predicted, so……

Field day will be on. 🙂

See you at 8:30


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Field Day

The 1st Field day will be held Wednesday 1 March 2017.
All students studying Environmental Technology as well as those studying Laboratory Skills/Techniques are required to attend. It is a compulsory activity. (Note: this does not apply to students undertaking part-time study unless they are able to attend).
Watch this space for further details and ensure you receive information from your teachers prior to the date,


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Instrument Maintenance exam

Hi Diploma students

Just a gentle reminder that your Instrument Maintenance exam will be tomorrow (16 November) at 3.00 pm.

It will be a double-sided A4 page cheat sheet exam with whatever material you wish on it.

Hopefully you will all submit your portfolio tomorrow as well.

See you then.



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Completion of MSL954001 Obtain Representative samples in accordance with sampling plan advice

Hi Certificate 4 students hoping to successfully complete the unit MSL954001 “Obtain Representative Samples in Accordance with Sampling Plan”.

In order to be successful in this unit ALL of the following tasks and documents need to be submitted for marking by 14/11/16:

  • Tree counting exercise
  • Jelly bean practical exercise
  • Prac 6.1
  • Prac 6.2
  • Prac 6.3
  • Completed Throsby Creek sampling work booklet (also, all individual student data needs to be entered on major results page)
  • Major assignment on Environmental sampling

Time is running out so please be ready on Monday 14 November with all of your documents in a portfolio for submission.



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COMPULSORY EXCURSION for Certificate 4 / Diploma students

COMPULSORY EXCURSION for Certificate 4 / Diploma students

Hi all

An excursion to two laboratories has been arranged for you.

This excursion will take place on Monday 19th September 2016

It is compulsory that you attend this excursion and complete an accompanying worksheet for submission after the excursion.

We will depart from TAFE by minibus at 9.30am and travel to SGS laboratories for a 10.00 am start.

We will then travel to ALS laboratories and begin a tour at 11.00 am. We should be finished by no later than 1.00 pm.

Any student wishing to travel to these laboratories in their own car may do so.

The addresses are:


6A Metal Pit Drive

Carrington NSW 2294


5/585 Maitland Road

Mayfield West NSW 2304

CFFET teachers

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Physical Testing Exam note

Hi Mid-year students

Just confirming the details for your Physical Testing exam (I already gave you this in a hand-out):


MSL974005 Perform Physical Tests

You will have an OPEN BOOK exam on 29 August  3.00 – 5.00 pm

There will be four (4) tasks in this exam.  Topic covered are density determination, melting point determination and boiling point determination.

Bring all of your notes, textbook etc with you.

Read the exam paper thoroughly before you begin and plan your attack!  You DO NOT have to do them in the order that appear on the exam paper but you DO have to complete ALL of them.


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Hi all mid-year intake people

Just a reminder about the items I will need to assess the ‘Perform Physical Tests’ unit.

Make sure you keep to submit:

  • your density workbook
  • your gravimetric analysis workbook
  • your MP, BP, RI workbook
  • your Proctor/soil testing workbook

I will know that you have read this email when I receive an email to to tell me so ! 🙂

I also need a report for Prac 5.5A for the ‘Perform Basic Tests’ unit

See you next week.



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Instrument Maintenance requirement

Hi Diploma students

Just a reminder you that you should retain all documents you are producing each week in your Instrument Maintenance class so that you can submit them to me at the end of term 3 in an attractive portfolio.  You should sign the completion sheet each week in class for the task you complete and I will cross match the documents in your portfolio with this sheet when I am finalising your mark for this unit.

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Do you need catch-up/more practice?

Hi all mid-year students

Just a reminder that if you need to catch up on practicals you have missed or feel that you would like a little more practice to build your confidence in certain tasks then Monday night (from 5.30 pm) is available for this purpose.  You do however have to let me know which practical exercises you would like to have available so the technical staff can get the necessary bits and pieces ready for you.  Please send me an email with specific details and I will forward this to the relevant staff.  Remember, we need to be able to deem you confident in all tasks and this can only be done if you have actually done them 🙂

Ann, Dan and Lara


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Our visit to the NMI

Hi all,

Ann and I went on a tour of the National Measurement Institute (NMI) in Sydney (Lindfield and Ryde) and it truly was an eye-popping experience. If you can ever get down there, ask for a tour!

The purpose of the visit was to establish connections between the NMI and TAFE so that students might do work experience with them for short periods of time.

We still have a lot to work out, but I would like to get a ‘formal’ list of interested students, so please let me or Ann know if you are keen to pursue this course of action.

I’ll also talk more about it in class. Please visit for more information about the NMI itself.


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