Advanced Diploma

Learning Resource – this link takes you to the resource created to support a selected number of units in the Advanced Diploma.

Evidence and Assessment Guides

Below are the documents that specify what you need to do to complete each unit. Please download them, and either print them out if you are intending to submit your evidence in hardcopy form, or replace the “yourname” in the filename to your family name. This is to avoid a number of people sending their evidence with the same filename to the Course Coordinator.

Conduct an internal audit of the quality system Evidence Guide
Contribute to the validation of test methods Evidence Guide
Develop & maintain lab documentation Evidence Guide
Evaluate and select appropriate test methods Evidence Guide
Implement & monitor environmentally sustainable work practices Evidence Guide
Implement & monitor OHS & environmental management systems Evidence Guide
Maintain quality system and continuous improvement processes Evidence Guide
Maintain registration & statutory/legal compliance Evidence Guide
Manage and develop teams Evidence Guide
Supervise lab operations Evidence Guide

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