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Reference Group

Prue Madsen - Government Skills Australia
Peter Bernich - SA Water
AJ Leverenz - EEEWSB Chris Copley - United Water
Steve Wilson - Water Training Centre
Craig Hossack - DFEEST
Karen Moore - DFEEST, Training package and curriculum
Neil Harper - TAFE NSW
Richard Petersen - TAFE SA
Stephen Vandborg - TAFE SA
Andy Mcpharlin - SA Water
Paul Dellaverde - SA Water
Jim Plummer - TAFE SA
Donald Mackay - DETYA Qld
Kim Peterson -TAFE NSW

We wish to thank the following for permission to use their resources as source material for this project:

Skills Online
Skills Development Unit - Industry Programs
NSW Department of Education and Training
Wide Bay TAFE

Ian Arcus
Electrical, Electrotechnology, Energy and Water Skills Board
for use of photographs

SA Water and United Water for access to the Happy Valley, Hope Valley, Mt Pleasant Water Treatment plants.

Australian Drinking Water Quality Centre for access to their laboratories.